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Our programs

Chess Atlanta offers many types of chess coaching and programs, as listed below. Click on the item for further information.



  • School Programs – typically held at the school site before, during, or after school

  • Summer & Winter Chess Camps - week-long chess camps, whole or half days

  • Small Group Sessions –weekly or bi-monthly sessions for four to six students with similar levels

  • Simul Exhibitions – a coach will play multiple games at one time against a number of other players

  • Chess Clinics – similar in structure to chess champs, clinics are typically half day events scheduled periodically throughout the year to prepare for tournament play

In an effort to encourage growth and as an incentive to strive for excellence, Chess Atlanta offers an array of trophies at the close of a session. From Class Champion, to the Most Improved, to the Sportsmanship Award, every child has the opportunity to complete the session with the motivation and sense of accomplishment to pursue further learning.


Chess Atlanta provides or has provided chess clubs for the following schools:

  • Alpharetta International Academy

  • Arbor Montessori

  • FAST

  • Fulton Science Academy

  • The Lovett School

  • Mason Elementary Duluth

  • Morris Brandon

  • Parsons Elementary Duluth

  • Mount Vernon Presbyterian School

  • Paideia

  • The Schenck School

  • Stepping Stone Montessori

  • The Westminster School

  • Northwestern Middle School


For scheduling and prices, please email Chess Atlanta.


Summer and Winter Camps

Summer and winter camps are week long events. Participants enjoy learning and competing with other children from various schools and different chess levels. Whole or half days are offered. 


“We have participated in a number of camps run by Coach Carlos. The camps provide a fun way for players of all skill levels to improve in chess and especially to have fun while learning! Carlos assembles a great team of instructors including young instructors who relate well to the students and inspire them to stretch and improve their games. I would highly recommend any of his camps offered around the metro-area.” 

-- Susan Justice, mom to four chess players and team parent for Whitefield Academy chess team


Small Group Sessions

Designed for four to six students, small group sessions allow students of similar skill sets to receive further personalized instruction specific to the skills and needs of the students in the group. Small group sessions can meet weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or as an ad-hoc need. For scheduling and prices, please email Chess Atlanta.


Simul Exhibitions
In simul exhibitions, the boards are usually arranged in a large circle or square and the coach walks from board to board, in a fixed order, playing each student. A “beat the coach” trophy is awarded to any player who wins his or her game.




School Programs

Our school programs run throughout the school year, offering students a wide range of instruction, fun, and tournament play. Chess Atlanta ensures that each student receives the appropriate level of instruction based on individual need and skill set and provides a relaxed but structured environment in which students can learn and enjoy the game of chess.


Among the many advantages of enrollment, students registered in a school chess club will learn an assortment of effective tactics that can improve their skill level. They will also learn how to use a chess clock, understand the importance of playing chess against a computer, attempt to solve chess puzzles, and participate in varied styles of tournaments—Standard Chess, Bughouse (team chess) and Blitz (speed chess).




School Programs
Small Group Sessions
Private Lessons
Simul Exhibitions
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