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"Coach Carlos was very dedicated to helping Drew prepare for the World Youth Chess Championship. He went above and beyond to gather students for extra practice sessions and even to do coaching sessions via Skype while we were overseas. The other parents at the tournament were shocked that we had a coach who would Skype with us at
1 am (due to the time difference)!! Best of all, Carlos was always very encouraging and instilled confidence in Drew that he could play well.”

Susan Justice,
Mom to Drew Justice (2013 K1 National Co-Champion)



"Coach Carlos is one of those rare talents who is not only incredible at chess but amazing with kids. He knows how to teach them well and keep them engaged. He is an absolute favorite among students and parents!"


Katie Hartley, Paideia Chess Mom

Coach Carlos tells great jokes.”

  Drew Justice, chess student

“Coach Carlos not only analyzes games extraordinarily well, he understands the specific needs of the child and anticipates problem areas—providing tactical puzzles and strategic solutions. He never underestimates a child’s ability to understand more difficult concepts yet keeps the students on an appropriate growth path, which keeps the kids
engaged and excited to continue.”


Tricia Hill,
Small Group Sessions




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